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Silver Moonlight

by | January 1, 2017 | Law of Attraction

silver moonlight reflection on beach and sea

Silver moonlight, golden sunshine, beautiful, that’s what I’ve just had a big dose of. I’m feeling so much gratitude for my remembering, more conscious. Yesterday I sat on the beach, and I began reading a new book, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. I first read this book about 10 years ago. I love Eckhart Tolle’s, The Power of Now!
Being Present in this moment, one of my new ways of being is remembering right NOW, and breathe. It seems that we stopped remembering the art of being in the Present moment. Eckhart’s teachings, among others, have guided me into a whole new lifestyle of being. Awesome!

Moving out of the Past into the NOW

I woke at 5.30ish as I tend to do. Tonight, it’s a full moon, which is a significant part of my life, the moon cycles, since moving to New Zealand 15 years ago. So last night’s full moon was big bright and beautiful, I saw it rise from the ocean at Rangihaeata. On awakening this morning I saw the brightness still in the sky, so I got up to investigate and came out on to the front lawn. And there she is, big bright and beautiful, all the sky surrounding her is changing, waking up to another day.
I’m so fortunate to live by the sea. I put clothes on, made myself my usual morning drink of one cap full of cider vinegar and a spoonful of delicious honey…. ( another practice I began along the way, because it’s really good for you, and my well-being is important to me ) and took it around to the inlet. And from there I glimpse the moon slowly making its way behind the mountains of Parapara, my home.
When I’m awake at this time I always think of my family and friends in England, because the moon is now going to appear in the Northern sky. ( I didn’t know much about what I know now 15 years ago, I’m so happy I was willing to be open to moving out of the suffering, that was MY story of who I was ).

Releasing What Does Not Serve You Anymore

I called on the big bulging moon’s energy to release any energies not serving me no longer: anger, resentment, jealousy, not being good enough, old thought patterns. I did this because I’m feeling the energy of the full moon, because I practiced with being in the Present moment every day. So, I now notice and can feel the energy of this beautiful moon, which is a part of our existence.
I bless the lower energies with love and release them from my body and mind. I actually imagine this happening in my mind’s eye (third eye chakra, part of one of many energy systems in our bodies).
We all have chakras and they can be in love and gratitude for life working for you, or shut down, with thoughts of resentment, depression, guilt, just to name a few.

After a while, a long while of working on myself, my chakras are starting to open up again and I’m becoming awake, alive, more conscious. And yesterday reading the book, A New Earth, I got a glimpse of it, having Eckhart’s teaching in my awareness and mind, being a woman on the beach, breathing, really loving the moment, how it felt inside me, enjoying the sound of the sea, not thinking anything.
We all have inside us, we’re 80% water with a big heart and organs that keep us alive and we need to nurture and love these parts of ourselves. More often than not we are lead along our day with our thinking mind, which we think is who we are. But the journey I’ve been on, it’s a whole different teaching that actually works for you, Challenging at first …you don’t know until you Know, and when you do, it takes love and commitment to keep on track, because you are unlearning mostly everything up until this point in your life that you have learnt, from outside sources (family, school, news, friends, not to say any of this is wrong, if its working for you).

A New Way of Being

I want to introduce you to a new way of being that serves us (human race) with love and compassion rather than harsh judgements towards self and others. So I sat on the beach, reading this great book. Because I’m conscious, really in the moment, feeling the heartbeat of Mother Earth beating along with mine, we connected. We’re all connected, I felt that so deep down inside me I laughed and cried all at the same time, and filled with love and gratitude for this moment.
What came to my mind is…
This is your life, what are you playing at Jane, keep carrying around stories of yesterday that still hurt, about all sorts of things and we just let it happen, inner critic…

My thoughts aren’t who I am, they are a bunch of recycled thoughts that keep me from remembering that I’m wonderful just the way I am. And I’m here for a purpose, and that purpose is to share my awakening. So I’d read the book 10 years ago when I was married (another story). Looking back, it was no consequence.
I’ve come full circle if you like, since reading this book the first time. I’ve been opening up like a onion and layer by layer I’ve been letting go of the old patterns of thinking, 35years of learning, up until today, unlearning them, This is what has brought me back to myself, Woman sitting on the beach today.
The sun was shining, I was reading the book. I’d listened to Eckhart talk earlier about how humans cause their own suffering and live it every day (you’ve heard the saying: Life is 10% what happens to you, and 90% what you do with what happens to you). In this most beautiful moment being conscious long enough to feel the oneness of creation. The life force energy that is always present, seeping through me.

Consciousness Comes from Recognising What We Are Thinking

The Avatar movie came to my mind ( I watched the movie last night), and I saw the significance in what I’m trying to put into words here. We only have this moment, because as soon as we start thinking about the moment, instead of being in the moment, you have gone back into the thinking mind. This mind works on patterns from the past, which cause suffering, if the thoughts are not loving, which can, if we don’t have awareness of the thinking mind and recognise how powerful it is, have us believe that the present moment’s connection is not true,. So you start doubting that which you have just felt and heard in your heart, not allowing yourself time to recognise the moment and the feelings that arise.

The more we can catch ourselves the better we get. The consciousness comes from recognising when we are thinking thoughts that aren’t true, because we’ve left the moment. The more we catch ourselves the more we can be in the consciousness, then like attracting like becomes possible.
The loveliness I’m feeling in the moment is bringing me back to me, the heart place in me that isn’t the thinking mind, who I’ve believed for my whole life was who I was. This heart place inside of me that’s a part of the oneness, the moment, is guiding me to write about this. Pass these teachings forward, spread the word. There is so much we don’t see which we need to awaken to. If you’re suffering and feel stuck often .… then becoming a part of my tribe of like-minded folk might be what you’re looking for. It’s a journey of Self-discovery.

Become an Observer of Your Thoughts

My name is Jane Walters I’m 46 years old, I was born in England. I’ve lived in New Zealand for the last 15 years, unlearning who I thought I was. I’m mum to Murphy, 14 years old, and we have a puppy named Pippin, who we’ve nursed back to wellness for the last 6 months, from breaking her leg and hip bone. Challenges, Challenges!  A big lesson for me ( another story, for another time ).

I’m a certified Life coach. My intention is to attract like-minded folk who are willing to become aware of their thought systems; who are willing to get to know themselves in a more loving way, I’d like to teach some of the tools I’ve picked up on my journey, I’d like to share them with you. So we become a like-minded conscious tribe of individuals loving their life instead of being stuck.
And my first teaching is: become an observer of some of your thoughts. To do that, you have to Stop what you’re doing, turn the phone off, YES OFF!, and breathe into your tummy. Inhale through your nose and follow the breath into your tummy (when you’re breathing and following your breath like this, your thoughts stop), then exhale out of your nose. You’ll notice you’re in the moment. By that I mean this…You, woman, standing following her breath, nothing more. It is a being rather than a doing. Eckhart describes it as Now!

Thoughts Go Only Into the Future Or the Past

NOW, right here, right now in this moment. Your thoughts can only go into future or past. You cannot do anything about yesterday, it’s gone. You can keep suffering over and over by thinking about what happened yesterday, or your thoughts can take you to the future that hasn’t even happened yet. This is what the thinking mind does, back and forth from past to future, not wanting us to be present in the Now, because when we are in the NOW we are in the heart space, and the thinking mind isn’t getting the attention is demands, the thinking mind that keeps us in suffering.

Notice what thoughts pop up, and they will, because the thinking mind doesn’t like to be quiet. Another name for the thinking mind is the ego. I relate to the ego. My ego was so big; it just kept on at me not being good enough.
This teaching will support you to be more aware of what your ego is saying about you. You then have a choice to believe that which you are thinking (in my experience we can walk through the whole day believing thoughts that are not true). We then notice and make a conscious choice to recognise the chitter chatter of the ego, which stops when we acknowledge it, or you can breathe into the moment and recognise we’re actually being breathed, and in this spaciousness in the moment there is a whole new world for you to tap into.

My intention is to be in service to mother earth and the human race, to guide us out of our suffering, by sharing my journey and passing forward the tools that have supported me, out into the world to like-minded folk who want to be of service too and to do this we have to start walking our talk.

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