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Our Beautiful Minds

by | March 14, 2017 | Law of Attraction

Emotional Guidance

Today in my post I’d like to honour my beautiful mind, my beautiful mind that for the last few weeks has been on a roller coaster ride of emotion, revisiting old patterns and old coping mechanisms that have been triggered, and in this case, going naked to the world via my website, right out of my comfort zone.  My only option was to go through the process, feel the feeling, be an observer to the thoughts that came up, and take responsibility. If I take responsibility that means I can change it, respond rather than react, follow through with writing another post for my blog about whats happening in our Beautiful minds when left to its own devices.

So most of us don’t recognise that we have a voice in our beautiful minds. We are not our mind. There is a part of our mind that is the conditioned thoughts ( ego ) which are learned thoughts that don’t serve us any more, and there is another part of our minds that’s soothing and positive.

We are creating our reality

What this post is wanting to bring out into awareness is that we are creating our reality. So noticing, Is this thought serving us?   No? Right, we need to be aware of this thought pattern and change it to a more positive thought. Then there are thoughts that are serving us and we want to keep them.

Your thought leads to your feeling, your feeling leads to action, action leads to results. There is always a thought before the feelings / emotion. What some of us aren’t aware of is that the ego mind can take over and the most dominant thought attracts more of those thoughts negative or positive. Its the Law of Attraction, that is working all the time whether we believe or not. Just like the Law of Gravity.

Thoughts are very creative forces. They are magnetic, they attract like energy. The more aware you are the more you can attract what you want in your life. We can attract anything we want, i.e you want more money and you feel passionate about that. What we don’t realise behind that thought is i’m always skint, so can you see where you’re blocking the money coming to you? Because once you think I’m always skint, another like thought will come. We only have to think about a thought for 68 seconds, then that thought can change your vibration. Only you can change your thoughts, no one can do it for you. Every idea begins with a thought. You direct the thought, you can direct your life.

When you start becoming aware of the thoughts you can have, you will start to recognise which thoughts are serving you, then replacing that thought if its not serving. Recognise – release – reclaim. How do we start to put this new practice into place? Some call it the monkey mind.

Listen to your emotions

We all have an emotional guidance system. If we are feeling good, then that’s a key to how we are thinking. So listen to your emotions… if you’re positive your thoughts will be empowered and hopeful. If your emotions are tired and low, you will be thinking along the lines of, there isn’t enough time, I’m just always tired. See the difference?

So the first practice is to notice. Notice and check in with how you’re feeling, what are you telling yourself about yourself.

Ask yourself if these thoughts are empowering or demeaning.

When you start to love yourself you have the choice to only feed the thoughts that are going to empower you.

It doesn’t matter what others are thinking about you. What’s really important is what you think and feel about yourself. And it starts with you.

My addiction was to be liked and all the time I was concerned what others thought about me, now I know I have no control of what others are thinking, they are going to think it anyway.

The four agreements (that I spoke of in my previous post) is a good place to start. Because we cannot be on two vibrations at once, we are either empowering ourselves or not serving ourselves. I talk to my thoughts nowadays. If I have a thought like Jane, you’re not good enough, I stop myself in my mind and tell myself that That is not true, I’m good at lots of things and I’m always willing to learn more.

Check your thoughts in the following days. What thoughts are driving you? Take control. We drive our thoughts.

Thoughts matter, so choose the good ones!

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