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by | February 28, 2017 | Law of Attraction

Well I think today is the day. Today I’m out in the big beautiful world offering my services as a Law Of Attraction Life Coach.
  I’m nervous and excited!!!

It’s really interesting that we have a time limit that we put on projects. I wanted my website to be up and running before Christmas 2016, but there you go. I’ve been home to my birth country England, to be with family and back home to NZ again since then, with another time limit for launching my website and again that time came and went. All this time I’ve been in gratitude, knowing with trust and faith that it’s going to happen. And here we are, I have my last catch up with my designer….. who I am so grateful for. She has been patient and so supportive with me while we built my website. She has designed beyond my wildest dreams, the picture I had in my mind of how I want my website to look, her skills are endless.

Gratitude for showing up as ‘ME’

We know Gratitude as showing appreciation to others, or being thankful to them for a kind word, encouragement, or an act of kindness someone has shown us….   But what’s been coming up for me is Gratitude for me, thankful for me, keep showing up for me. I wake up and instantly I snuggle into my pillow and say thank you for my soft smooth pillow, then my bed, wow! I love my bed, my mummy brought it for me when she came to NZ 8 years ago. I kick my legs out and do a little dance in bed because I’m so grateful for my long restful, relaxing sleep on my beautiful bed. Then there is my quilt that’s kept me warm all night, mmm!!  It’s a good start to my day.

Then I’m grateful for the roof over my head, food for breakfast, fresh clean drinking water. I’m grateful for my body being strong, I go inside and thank my lungs for working for me every day after years of smoking. I’m grateful for my heart breathing for me everyday, even when I don’t show my heart I’ve even noticed that it breathed for me all day. My eyes so I can see the day, my hands so I can make breakfast and all the other jobs we do in a day. I’m grateful for my legs and feet for supporting me to get from one place to another.

I’m grateful in advance to any of you beautiful souls who are taking the time out of your day to read this article, I know how busy a day can be.  I lie there imaging Murphy getting up without a fuss for school, I make a nutritious smoothy and begin my day, opening the door to the sun coming up, the birds in their morning chore, cicadas vibrating and I’m happy with my life and I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the words flowing for me to write this article, And I’m grateful….

Practising Gratitude Brings a Sense of Well-Being

And for me this is a practice that I’ve been doing for a few years and the sense of well-being it brings is really loving. You start seeing your life from a new perspective, you start noticing the little things that are working for you that we don’t always acknowledge. It’s starting your day focusing on what you want. Not on what you don’t want. And if you take this practice up you’ll also start noticing after a while, its a very loving way to start your day and it doesn’t rely on anyone else doing anything.

It’s solely you showing up and being accountable for you and your day. The more love you feel for your life the more love life has to offer..  And it puts you in a positive frame of mind when we come across obstacles we all come up against everyday. Challenges that we could not anticipate, we work through them with a more loving heart.
So beautiful like minded souls, I invite you to start your own list of the small things your grateful for. I invite you to start this practice tomorrow morning, it can take as little as 5 minutes daily.

Invitation to Call Me for a Discovery Session

If you like and resonate with my article today, Like my Facebook page, share with friends, support me to get my words out into the world. My life coaching can be done over the phone, Skype or in person. Maybe you know of a friend who could benefit from some support right now, I give you permission to share my website.
In fact share my website anyway with all of your friends, and if life coaching isn’t for you, you can still receive my blog every fortnight with great content of do-able practices that prompt well-being, and bring love and gratitude into your everyday life…

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