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Golden Sunshine

by | January 12, 2017 | Law of Attraction

sunrise over Golden Bay

At this stage of my life I’m in the process of changing my addictive frequency into recovery frequency, addiction to smoking, co-dependency, negative thinking, resentment, falling back into old thought patterns, to name a few.
Sound familiar?
Because you do know we are all energy, right?
That everything is just energy. It’s all a part of my journey. I felt acceptance of my addictions also at the beach yesterday. It’s all a process. And in the moment when I was present, I felt I just needed to do it anyway, wherever you are on the journey.
Because when I’m believing my story, I notice I keep making excuses and I do nothing to share these wisdoms.

How else am I going to put into practice my Life Coaching training? Who wants to hop on for the ride?
Come play with me in discovering Who you are and what your purpose is. The more you get to know you (by unlearning mostly everything you’ve been told ) and going inside to learn your truth, the more open you become, which supports you going in the direction of your life’s purpose.

Joy Is Our Birth-Right

Regularly I’ll share a part of my story and tools for your higher good which guides your transformation into something beautiful. Whatever is going on for me, when I remember to look for the lesson, I’ll share through my blog. The only thing I know for sure is, I’m not hiding away and playing small any more. Joy is our birth-right!!
So if you’re willing to commit, which is the first step, this can only come from your willingness for change, which means my words have to resonate first with you. So If you notice any signs of interest within yourself while reading my words, then life is showing up for you, and you’re listening, because being conscious means we believe life is here for us not against us. We have to be willing to step out of our thinking mind and start listening to our hearts. And this is the reason for this blog.

Arriving in a New Place of Consciousness

Yesterday on the beach I finally felt me shifting into a new place of consciousness, my own kind of beautiful, and I was directed to share these words with you. So this is me listening and believing and sending this article to everyone on my contact list, or in any groups I’ve been involved in (I’d like to mention that the groups I’m involved in that receive this post have all been a part of my Awakening, each and every person I’ve communicated with in the last several years, through my learning to this point).


Please like my post, if any of my words resonate with you, or like and follow to receive regular posts (I promise none will be as long as this one). Share with your friends. Get in touch if you’re willing to do coaching with me, to go deeper into the teachings.

Becoming a Law of Attraction Life Coach

This morning on my walk, with the silver moon to the West and the golden sunshine rising in the East, I knew this was going to be my first step to getting out there in the big wild wonderful world, offering my services As a LAW of Attraction Life Coach, Certified. Willing to be of service on this movement towards consciousness. Come along for the ride. Change can only happen if we make changes….

Who knows what will come up? I’m so excited, even though I know obstacles and challenges are going to come up…soon actually, because my teenage son Murphy is coming home with Pip (the puppy ), and my peace is going to be changed!

Responsible for Our Own Choices and Their Consequences

But you know, what I’m doing is with a loving heart, because this is my life and I make my own choices so that means I’m responsible!! No more blaming others for my life not being how I’d like it to be, I’m going to be accountable. I’m only a touch scared, because being scared is a really old thought pattern that I have been living with for a long time, and more importantly, the thoughts are not TRUE. I was stuck in the pattern of the thinking mind, thinking that which keeps me trapped in that thinking, because like attracts like, negative or positive. If that’s dominantly at any given moment what my thinking mind is focused on, that’s what at that time is causing my suffering. My thoughts!!  So I’ve started being an observer to my thoughts, observing whats really true and whats not, being responsible, I’m going to bring more of that into my life.

But being scared is an emotion, an emotion that we have to be with, feel, acknowledge, so then we can move through it. It is the beginning of being AWAKE. My scared is because I’ve been in a pattern of thinking that I need or want to be liked by everyone (how hopeless is that? We cannot be liked by everybody). And me posting this blog is me naked, vulnerable, a little unsure, because when I post this I’m out there to everyone in my virtual life, the big wide web, so I’ve followed my breath back into my heart.

By noticing the moment, the birds, the breeze in my hair… that’s right, I remembered to check in, I stopped and breathed. And I found I’m a beautiful woman about to move out of her comfort zone. These emotions are real, I’m feeling them, breathing, inhale through the nose, noticing the mind becoming quiet, the inner critic that is trying to make those emotions wrong and keeping me from trusting, because yes, these emotions feel really uncomfortable, but I’m noticing. Woman breathing right now in this moment remembers. I’m following my heart. I’m feeling the fear of not being liked by everyone and pressing post anyway.

This is me on my journey to becoming a successful Life Coach. And my thinking mind is still unlearning some of the old ways, old thought patterns that are not serving me any more. I’m going to post this and see the UNFOLDING.

After thought.
Just so you now, I’m not always this inspired, motivated and brave. I wish I could tell you otherwise. I’ve been shot down and turned off. My heart is just starting to open again, being solo mum to my teenage son, going through my relationship falling apart and 3 years letting go of addictions and co-dependency. My beautiful Dad passing over…. challenges all the way, two steps forward one step back…. but always, I’ve been in the process of finding myself again, going inside and listening to my heart. And yesterday at the beach, I listened and followed through, I feel so ready for stepping into the unknown…. trusting that which shows itself , that I resonate with is here for me, everything we need is within us, waiting to be revealed…..

It’s my choices and actions that will either see me fly or self-sabotage….. this new awakening within me. Which in a nut shell means, to keep me in this beautiful place of inspiration, I have to keep showing up for myself, to keep doing the things that make me feel good, being around the people who support me, exercising, eating well and having daily practices that support my well-being, remembering the Present moment… which at the start is so TRICKY…

One thing that was very clear from the start of my awakening, you can’t do this alone… my many coaches, friends, and inspirational speakers have supported me every step of the way… not to mention, obstacles of everyday life, and the lessons they bring. You have to attract the like-minded, you have to want the learning and growth, to attract learning and growth.

Only I can do it for me, I have to keep doing the work, no one can do it for me… Every day, it is a lifestyle! Loving What is… it’s your life, start living it consciously… Be free!!!

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